The Gardens at Sanibel Moorings has a botanical curiostiy. Our Cannonball Tree (Couroupita guianensis)  is very unique.

How does a Cannonball Tree bloom?

 First she starts with large distinctive wxy flowers (6 inches wide) that are yellow, orange, scarlet, and pink in color. The amazingly complex flower is also heavily scented and will remind you of expensive perfume.  The uniqe flowers are said to resemble snakes, because they grow off thick tangled woody twigs 3-6 feet in length.  These woody stems emerge straight from the trunk!

 The reason its name is Cannonball is due to the large brown seed pods after flowering.  They are 3-8 inches in diameter and really resemble ping pong balls. I think Cannonball sounds better than Ping Pong Tree!

 We are fortunate  here in the gardens to boast having on of the few mature Cannonball Trees in Florida. This tree and all our diverse unique tropicals will give you a truly magical experience and add to your mamories at the Sanibel Moorings Resort.