Gardenia boasts 60 plus species of shrubs and trees originating from ancient China. Years ago, our grandmothers prized this plant and it was found in many cottage gardens. I remember the fragrance outside and inside of my grandmother’s home in Cocoa Florida. She loving would place her prized blooms floating in shallow carnival glass bowls strategically in every room. I was taught early on, that a complement about her gardenias would guarantee a garden tour, which ended in her orange grove eating sweet fresh citrus. Gardenias appeal is timeless, and we are fortunate to be able to grow them here in our back yards. Many varieties mature and thrive in our tropical temperatures and reward us with their fragrance. Our star, jasminoides is the most widely used variety. The soft, velvety white petals are flat and rose shaped, with double tiers. They are numerous and dense and are the stars of our garden when blooming. The fragrance is memorable and exquisite, so much so it’s found in oodles of candles, healing oils, and perfumes.

We have 46 glorious Gardenia bushes dripping with blossoms. So, close your eyes and think about your special Gardenia memory. Then follow your nose to our sweet smelling garden. So many blossoms, so little time in a tropical eye catching garden.

Don’t wanna miss this bloomer!