Snowberry (Chiococca alba)

Brrr – Non melting, icy white flowers that any glacier lover would cheer about! Delicate creamy white to pastel yellow draping bell shaped flowers.  They are breathtaking, being grouped in cascading clusters that are too numerous to count. Older petals have a darker yellow look as they later will turn a brown paper bag color. Shiny, slender green oval leaves emerge everywhere ending as a tendril adornment to the gorgeous blossoms. I notice the oodles of branches and the appearance of multi stemmed gray trunks. My nose detects a magnificent sweet lingering fragrance, and pollinators are everywhere. Once you are mesmerized by the fragrance it will be on your gotta have list. I began my love of Snowberry, with my first plant I purchased from the SCCF Native Plant Nursery. Its native status puts it in the easy care, drought tolerant, and lack of pests/disease category. Super for our tropical climate due to its drought tolerance and full to filtered sun.  Snowberry from days gone has been under used in our tropical landscape. I encourage you to try one, once you see it flower and fruit, don’t forget to thank me!

  • Pros:  Oodles of blooms and fruit – Does well in sandy soil – Likes full sun/partial shade – Easy to maintain/prune – Birds love the fruit – Salt tolerance – Great for a cottage garden look – Pollinator attractor – Gives garden dimension with shiny green leaf color when not in bloom – Drought tolerant – Neighbors will wonder where that lovely fragrance is coming from – Easy care – Native.
  • Cons:  Fast grower – Pollinator attractor – Birds love the fruit – May have to thank Anita – Cold sensitive.

Are you missin your snow? Come see our version, minus the cold temperatures, in our tropical garden in paradise. Leave your snow boots at home-flip flops only!

Don’t wanna miss this bloomer!