Sanibel Moorings Resort beach with lighthouse

We get asked A LOT about where to go and what to do on the island. Our answers may vary depending on what the guest likes to do, where they are from, if they have a car or not, and so on. For this article, we would like to give you some inside information as to what our staff likes to do on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Our staff here at Sanibel Moorings is very tenured and dedicated to customer service. Most have worked at the resort for 5 or more years, and some for 20+ years!

Here is what they had to say;

Gretchen F. – Laundry

  • Island Cow is my go-to restaurant here on the island. I love almost everything they make! My favorite thing to do is actually right here at Sanibel Moorings. I like to sit on the docks by the canals and just relax. There is something calming about sitting and watching the water and all the different animals without a care in the world.

Bill Z. – Front Desk

  • A day on Sanibel is always a good day, whether I am walking the beach in search of the elusive Junonia shell, riding my bike enjoying the flora and fauna found throughout the island, or going to Doc Ford’s for my favorite food. My other favorite restaurant is the Clam Shack on Periwinkle, absolutely great seafood!

Grace M. – Administrative Assistant

  • Some of my favorite things to do on the island are; shopping at Periwinkle Place, watching the amazing sunsets, walking the long stretches of beaches to see what I can find washed up, and spotting the various wildlife that calls the island home. Another one of my favorite places to visit is the shell museum. Some of my go-to places for food are; Doc Fords, Grandma Dots (great Grouper Sandwich!), Timbers, and the Lighthouse Café for breakfast. I live here on Sanibel Island and just cannot seem to get enough of the gorgeous scenery and stunning sunsets.

Andi S. – Front Desk

  • I live off the island, but when I am here I definitely have some favorite spots. One of my favorite restaurants is Timber’s. They always have an awesome assortment of oysters, they serve sushi some nights and they have a great happy hour! Another Island favorite is the Farmer’s Market that takes place on Sundays. The local vendors at the market always have really fresh food, pastries, and unique crafts. When I am out for the day, my friends and I love to make the drive up to the Green Flash in Captiva for lunch and appetizers and then head over to Andy Rosse Lane to check out Jungle Drums Art Gallery.

Vic P. – Maintenance

  • I would have to say my favorite restaurant on Sanibel Island is George and Wendy’s. They always have great food and some sort of live music going on. If I am not enjoying the atmosphere there, then I like to relax with my feet in the sand on the beach. This island is a great place to sit, unwind, and just let the hours tick by.

Miguel V. – Maintenance

  • I have a few different things I like to do on the islands. Doc Ford’s is my favorite Sanibel restaurant, but if you are willing to make the drive… The Mucky Duck on Captiva is a one of a kind place! I like to get lunch at the Mucky Duck and then head to the Bubble Room for dessert. If I am not eating at a restaurant I like to be out on the water on a jet ski just exploring the waters around Captiva.

Rosy C. – Front Desk

  • Biking is a great way to explore our Island, enjoy the scenery, and our wildlife and flora. I enjoy visiting the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge & our Clinic for the rehabilitation of wildlife “Crow”. I also enjoy the history of our Island and often visit our Sanibel Historical Museum and Village. There is not much of a nightlife on Sanibel, which actually is something I enjoy. It means the island is peaceful and quiet at night. If you are not afraid of calories, then I highly recommend the “Bubble Room” for desserts!

RJ S. – Assistant Manager

  • My favorite thing to do on Sanibel Island is explore by bike. I load up the car with wife and daughter, throw the bikes on the back, and head to the island. We like to park on one of the causeway islands, enjoy the beach for a few minutes, and then hop on the bikes for a ride. 99% of the time we end up riding down to the Island Cow for breakfast. Their menu has such a wide variety of items that it is really hard to get bored! I think I have something different every time I go. After breakfast, we continue down the island to do one of the loops at J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve. On our way back off the island, we like to stop at the playground near the Island Cow to let the little one play for a while. It is nice to see everyone else walking or biking with a smile on their face because they are enjoying the weather and the scenery. It makes for a great day out and about on Sanibel Island.

Tim W. – Maintenance Manager

  • I enjoy going to the Cars & Coffee event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 11am. This happens at Periwinkle Place Shopping center. I drive a 1964 Chevy Impala, so it is a lot of fun to see other old cars and meet other car enthusiasts on the island. I would have to say my favorite Sanibel restaurant is George & Wendy’s. They have the best wings on the island!